About - Matthew Stevens

Hi! My name is Matthew Stevens, and I am a photographer from central Florida. I have lived here all my life, and our local landscapes have turned out to be one of my favorite things to shoot. There's a lot to love about the cypress trees, swamp wildlife, pine flatwoods, towering thunderstorms in the summertime, and oh, did I mention our sunsets? It keeps me coming back for more. That's not to say that I don't like other places. Utah, Washington, California, Minnesota, Virginia, North Carolina, Oregon...pretty much anywhere outside.

I have always had a thing for photography from the time I was little. I saved up for my first digital camera when I was 13 - a Kodak EasyShare. I dragged that thing all over the western U.S. on family vacations. One of those trips took us to Zion National Park. I remember climbing up on the rocks alongside the road, trying to get a shot of this little tree growing out of the side of a rock. Lugging my el-cheapo tripod with me, boy, I felt like a real pro!

Zion Tree

My equipment has evolved a little since then. So has my attitude about looking like a pro :) However, whatever it was that had me climbing up to get that shot is still with me. I love to get out there, experience creation,  and bring back the shot that captures the moment, the feeling, the experience of being there.

...an artist [shows] others the world in a way that they don’t see on their own. It is your way of capturing the mysterious and the fleeting, and preserving it for all to experience.

-Ian Plant, Visual Flow

I shoot what inspires me, and my images are a way for me to share that inspiration with you.

Oh, and by the way. I got the chance to get another shot of that same little tree in the rock, over 10 years later - I think this is a little closer to what I had in mind back in 2005...

Welcome to Zion
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